Proceeds of Crime Production Orders


Production Orders

A production order is a Magistrate made order under the application of an AFP Officer for documents. The documents requested have a broad ambit,[1] and are predominantly aimed at identifying, locating or quantifying property for POCA proceedings.

The test is that the Magistrate is satisfied by information on oath that the person is reasonably suspected of having possession or control of such documents.[2] A production order can only require the production of documents which are in the possession, or under the control, of a corporation or are used, or intended to be used, in the carrying on of a business.[3]

Common law privileges such as the privilege against self-incrimination and/or legal professional privilege are not excuses to producing the requested documents, as these privileges are expressly abrogated by the POCA.[4]

Notwithstanding the abrogation of these privileges, a direct use immunity applies to produced documents.[5] This means that documents produced pursuant to a section 202 Production Order are not admissible in evidence in criminal proceedings against the person (being the person who produced the document and by doing so incriminated themselves). The only exception to this direct use immunity is offences for producing false or misleading information or documents.[6]

Failure to comply with a production order is an offence punishable by imprisonment.[7]

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