What areas do you service?

For Criminal Matters, all of NSW.

For Proceeds Of Crime matters, all of Australia.

Are there extra fees?

Matters outside of Sydney attract a travel allowance in addition to the standard fee which will be discussed at the first consultation.

Complex or unusual matters can attract an extra fee. This will be discussed at the first consultation.

Why should I choose you?

  • Affordable Price;
  • Deal with the same lawyer from start to finish;
  • No extra charges for phone calls, photocopying etc.

Where is your office?

Level 21, 133 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000

How do I call if calling from outside Australia?

Add the Australian Country Code +61 to our normal number.

So the number to call is +61 2 7258 2369


I / my friend / family member has been arrested, what should I do?

Call me!

The law is complex and we want to ensure your rights are exercised and you are given the best defence!

But generally, when arrested, you are obliged to provide particulars in order for the police to identify you. While the right to silence is not absolute, we generally don’t encourage clients who have just been arrested to take part in an interview or answer questions.

What are some things that might assist my defence?

  • A lack of evidence;
  • Mental Health Issues;
  • Your Personal Circumstances;
  • The impact, injury, loss or damage of the offending;
  • Contrition and/or remorse shown by the offender for the offending;
  • Making amends for any loss, injury or damage resulting from the offence;
  • Early guilty pleas;
  • Co-operation with law enforcement;
  • Your character;
  • Your background;
  • Your dependents;
  • Your age;
  • Your physical condition;
  • Your criminal history;
  • The lack of pre-meditation in your offending;
  • Your good character;
  • Your prospects of rehabilitation.

What are some things that may make my case worse?

  • The strength of the evidence;
  • The victim was vulnerable;
  • The use of violence;
  • The use of a weapon;
  • Your criminal history;
  • The place the crime was committed;
  • The offence involved cruelty;
  • Substantial injury, emotional harm, loss or damage caused by the offending;
  • Offending involving religious discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism.
  • Posing a risk to national security;
  • The amount of danger involved in the offending;
  • The number of victims;
  • The amount of planning involved in the offending.

Why shouldn't I represent myself?

Representing yourself is a right available to any accused person, but hiring a criminal barrister assists you because:

  • A criminal barrister is a legal practitioner who is able to analyse and assess your individual case, provide tailored advice (plead guilty / not guilty), negotiate on your behalf to have charges dropped or reduced and argue you best case.
  • Having a criminal barrister represent you in front of the Magistrate or Judge demonstrates that you take the matter that you have been charged with seriously, and are unlikely to re-offend.

My assets have been frozen by the AFP, now what?

The Asset Confiscation Laws in Australia are complex. We suggest you contact us to obtain advice.

Within the Proceeds of Crime Act, there are options to revoke a Restraining Order, Exclude Assets from Restraining Orders, Revoke a Forfeiture Order, Exclude Assets from a Forfeiture Order, obtain a Compensation Order, a Hardship Order and/or obtain an Allowance for Expenses.

* Information contained on this page is of a general nature only and should not be relied upon as concise legal advice.
Please contact us for legal advice tailored to your situation. *


    Brian Walker of Clarence Chambers practices as a barrister at the NSW Bar. Sydney Walker Criminal Lawyers is not a group of solicitors.